Janitorial Cleaning Sandy, Utah

Janitorial cleaning is a different type of clean than a regular cleaning. Whether you need it for a commercial cleaning office or large medical Facility, our commercial cleaning  comes with all the perks. if you hire Jani Serv Inc in Sandy. Our cleaning staff has performed an excellent job for several years,  that makes us incredibly helpful when most of our clients are in need of our services.

We propose a smart solution for all kinds of Janitorial Cleaning in Sandy that meets the requirements of our clients. We have an extensive clientage that allows us to grow and expand every day. Since we are managing medical facilities, stores, boutiques, schools, hospitals, industries, etc, on both smaller and larger scales, our experience is also wide. This diversity makes us grow in all directions.

Janitorial Cleaning Service Sandy

Here are some highlights of the general commercial cleaning services we offer under the janitorial section;

  • Perfect cleaning for all surface areas 
  • Vacuuming and mopping of entryways and hallways 
  • Sweeping dust from front and backyard
  • Deep cleaning to cover every corner 
  • Managing supply inventories 
  • Maintenance of the building (changing bulbs, fixing windows and doors, etc.)  

It is clear that no formal education is required to perform janitorial service, but still, we focus on learning. This is the reason we provide staff training every 6 months to update our janitors. We also stress on the safe use of the equipment and are more concerned after the Coronavirus outbreak. All our cleaning gear is sterilized and germ proof. Both janitors and cleaners take extra measures to secure your property from dust and disinfectants. 

Janitorial Cleaning Service in Sandy is also easy to book at Jani Serv inc. Our cleaners are available 24/7 for commercial and office purposes. You can book us through the website or call directly to our office to get a free service quote. All the services start from a reasonable price and change as per the demands of clients. We never charge a single extra up-charge and are always reliable with everything. We beat most competitors quote by at least 10%.








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