Commercial Cleaning in Peoria Arizona

Jani Serv Inc is a Peoria, Arizona based cleaning company offering its services commercially to customers. We have proven excellence of years of commercial cleaning to our customers. Cleaning is a rudimentary chore and we make it coordinative for the residents of Peoria, Arizona. Our preference is simple: do the best for positive input. All our staff is professional, trained, and background-checked. 

Our ethic is not only limited to providing cleaning service, but also to making a legitimate commitment. We value your trust, time, and money. We strive to put the best efforts when you book a Commercial Cleaning in Peoria AZ. We are different from other janitorial cleaning companies due to our ability to make a visible change. From professional cleaners to chemical-free cleaning, everything here will be environmentally and customer friendly. 

Janitorial Cleaning Service Sandy

Restore the clean look of your business 

You can count on us as we care about your business needs and make sure everything looks fresh and shiny. Our professional cleaners make owners and operators proud of their business. 

Our professional cleaners use commercial grade cleaning solutions for a healthier environment. We clean so your work order doesn’t get interrupted. 

We mainly focus on time management and high quality while cleaning and disinfecting your commercial place. Our skilled staff will;

  • Wash and polish surfaces
  • Remove dirt and trash.
  • Disinfect bathroom, cafeteria, and showroom.
  • Strip and wax floors, smoking carpets.
  • Clean floors, carpets, walls, and windows.
  • Use environmentally friendly products.

Perks of using Jani Serv Inc 

A commercial place is all about the first impression. People walk in and set their perception about your services so the place must sparkle. A clean office will help boost your professionalism in the eyes of your clients.

When you become our customer, we pride ourselves on helping your business to be more productive and enable your staff to breathe in a healthier and better-looking workspace.

As your trusted commercial cleaning professionals, we have experience, equipment, professionalism, and continues support.

Our promise to customers for commercial cleaning 

  • Timeliness 
  • Professionalism 
  • Result-generating Guarantee 
  • Reasonable Cost 

We never commit to what we can’t do. Once customer hires our Commercial Cleaning Service in Peoria AZ, we pledge to the work and maintain a full effort for timely execution.








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