Commercial Cleaning Midvale, Utah

We are a top-rated cleaning servicer in Midvale. Jani Serv Inc is serving the locals for many years in commercial cleaning. That is why people trust us in terms of Commercial Cleaning in Midvale. NO matter if your building is a single office space or an industrial facility sector, our professional staff takes care of everything. We start from the initial point and go through all the doors, hallways, rooms, and offices of your commercial space to properly clean everything. 

We have been hiring expert cleaners from the start and giving them the latest training to up to date everything. This is the main reason our customers trust us. We keep on updating the cleaning supplies and equipment for fast service delivery. All our cleaners hold many years of experience and some even have diplomas to work in this profession. Since commercial maintenance and cleaning is different than residential cleaning, their professionalism comes in handy. 

Commercial Cleaning Midvale

There is one thing we strongly believe in for better execution of service and that is clear communication. This type of approach is always helpful and we never leave anything behind. Our customer care staff schedule a cleaning appointment by processing all the information like the time and place of the assignment and the customization if you wish to include any.

Here are some general highlights of our standard services; 

  • Sweeping and dusting all surface areas.
  • Vacuuming the carpeted regions especially hallways and meeting rooms 
  • Cleaning little objects like paintings, decoration pieces, doorknobs handles, and windows
  • Shining the desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture
  • Disinfecting everything if we are working inside a medical facility including hospitals
  • Scrubbing the hard stains to sparkle every inch of your commercial space 

Jani Serv Inc. also does Commercial Window Cleaning in Midvale. If you wish to tailor any service, you can ask our customer care or book a service to get a free custom quote based on your requirements for a more particular and centered cleaning. Make sure to ask for a free quote, we are delighted to help you. 









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