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Jani Serv Inc is one of the fastest growing commercial-grade janitorial services in Kearns, Utah at the lowest cost. We have developed a strong presence in the industry by using premium quality products. While performing our commercial cleaning services our staff takes care of everything from the floors to the bathrooms. Since we follow the best advised strategy and superior quality equipment, your place will look remarkable when we are finished. Our top-rated cleaners and janitors always make sure that your business shines in Ut.

Janitorial Service Kearns

As we have been working for several years in Kearns, Ut, our Janitorial Cleaning Kearns, Ut service wins the heart of our clients. Our commercial cleaning frees up companies time to be more productive with over activities.  Jan Serv understands the important of cleaning. When it comes to your office cleaning we never lag in anything. You will always receive; 

  • Immaculate cleaning 
  • Scheduled services 
  • 24/7 availability 
  • Top Rated BBB
  • Affordable Cost Cleaner
  • Serving All Of Ut

Salt Lake Janitorial Utah Cleaning Services: 

Since we always stress on quality, our system is well coordinated with ecological management. Our systematic plan for cleaning never leaves any residue and all the cleaning supplies and janitorial gears are top-rated. From high quality equipment to commercial grade cleaning products, our service is an environmentally friendly package for your place.  Our quality of cleaning is great for industrial and Medical Cleaning. Our Deep Cleaning even protects against COVID-19.

Expert Janitors Service Cleaners in Kearns Ut : 

If you have been tired of testing different companies and never find satisfaction with your commercial cleaning in Utah,  then we offer something out of the ordinary. Jani Serv Inc has professionally expert and incredibly trained staff to work in Kearns, Ut. All our team members receive the best training to follow all the standards of cleaning. Being a janitor is a lot more than anyone can think and we believe in it. So, we often carry special training programs to induce new skills into our system. 

With skilled staff and commercial grade supplies our Janitorial Service Kearns, Ut region is always at the top. If you are looking for one, make sure to get a free quote and check our happy customer’s reviews before booking. Get Free Quote Online on our Website, Just One Click.


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Different seasons call for different types of cleaning from spring cleaning to fall maintenance to the winter holidays. There are plenty of things to do throughout the year, but the big ones are spring cleaning, flu prevention cleaning, fall maintenance and winter holiday damage. These can be taken care of through a commercial cleaning service that offers seasonal cleaning.

At Jani-Serv Inc we are aware of the difficulty of putting aside the time to thoroughly clean a building, or your business especially during the seasons. Dusting and tight spaces are a key area that needs to be cleaned. Employees and Jani-Serv Inc are professionally trained and properly equipped to give the best clean available. 

Spring Cleaning of seasonal cleaning is a deep clean that happens at the beginning of the year. During spring cleaning many plans to create a check list of the things that need to be done but some tasks are forgotten. Seasonal cleaning is a deep clean, but it also re-cleans places that are cleaned regularly. For example, a recurring clean of the sink would be the handles, faucet, and bowl but a deep clean would include the drain cover and a disinfecting clean. Spring cleaning can consist of quite a few things, such as air dusting and disinfecting.

keyboards and computers, cleaning out the desks, fridges, microwaves, and other appliances.

Another season cleaning is fall maintenance, a service that is typically done by another company but at Jani-Serv Inc we include all types of maintenance services. Fall maintenance is considered in seasonal cleaning due to its effort to reset the need for extra services. Routine maintenance is great for the appliances but does not need to be done more than annually. 

Flu season is a key cleaning for season cleaning due to the dangers of the flu. The flu is a common viral infection that if prevented correctly can be a danger to a person and anyone they are around. Disinfecting services are often offered during this time to help counter the flu from spreading. Coronavirus is treated much the same way but a lot more serious. Different chemicals need to be used to keep it from spreading. Seasons cleaning is especially important during flu season.


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Professional urgent care cleaning services

Our professional Urgent Care Cleaning Services is provided by Jani-Serv Inc. in Ut, are solely created to help maintain and regulate all the harmful bacteria’s in germs that are found in spread throughout these urgent care facilities. Urgent cares as you very well know, are where we go when we get sick and injured in some way. This means that all the individuals who happen to have viruses that are causing them to be sick coming in and out of these facilities every day. This is one of the bigger reasons why regular cleaning and sanitizing is so important in an urgent care facility. Without the proper and professional regular cleaning maintenance and overall facility sanitizing, your urgent care would end up causing a lot more harm than help which is not what you want for your urgent care facility in Ut.

If you own or work at an urgent care facility located in Kearns, Ut than the hassle of having to find a professional way to get your facilities clean can be difficult. So many companies are claiming that they can handle the job, but then once you have hired them the services that you get end up being dissatisfying and terrible. With all those sick and injured people were depending on your urgent care facilities in Kearns, Ut to provide them with the most cleanly health services as possible if that your company at a standstill. Should I just hire a professional commercial cleaning and janitorial maintenance company, or should I just have my own staff members?

Is Commercial Cleaning Really Worth The Cost?

The few extra bucks out of your pocket might seem like a sacrifice, but the time you gain and the stress you let go can really make commercial cleaning a bargain in Ut.

It’s About Time

So much of the life-improvement advice we receive is all about saving money. Pack a lunch. Turn off the lights. Thrift your clothes. All of this focus on saving every last cent can make us feel like any sort of commercial service that we could possibly manage to do ourselves is frivolous.

However, while paying for helpful services, such as commercial cleaning, might cause us to save a few less dollars each month, it will save you an average of 28+ hours a month of time! We provide low cost cleaning!


Services You can Trust For All Your Cleaning

Commercial cleaning in Kearns, Ut suddenly becomes worth the cost when you realize that it can save you more than half a full work week every month. Instead of saving a few extra dollars that are quickly consumed in a single shopping trip or night out, why not give yourself and your family the gift of extra time together, extra time for productivity, and extra time toward creating a present, mindful life!  Read our top rated Reviews on Google and BBB in Ut, then call us for a free low cost cleaning quote.