It would be logical to think that the main reason one would choose an independent cleaning service over a professional one is cost. Jani-Serv makes professional cleaning services customizable and-therefore-affordable. “Cheap” cleaning solutions offer an option but not the best results. As a professional cleaning service, Jani-Serv offers a well trained and equipped cleaning team able to complete any cleaning task. We offer affordable-budget aware and professional cleaning solutions for a broad range of commercial and industrial locations. Our company addresses all your cleaning needs.

That is why we at Jani-Serv, would like to highlight some facts of why spending smart is key. Cleaning fast and efficiently takes more planning and organization skills than you might think. This is why we can offer an experienced, licensed, and insured janitorial service throughout the state of Utah. Please consider the following factors if you are ever considering an independent cleaning service over the professional cleaning services of Jani-Serv.

Price Difference

Independent cleaning services might be cheaper but they most often, are not experienced, trained, or reliable. Jani-Serv offers eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions. We customize the service to your commercial size and needs. Our company has the top of the line equipment and professional, trained employees to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Trained and Trustworthy Cleaners at Your Reach

The Jani-Serv, Inc cleaning team is available 24/7.  We are also a licensed, insured, and environmentally friendly alternative. We know that trust is an important consideration when a new company is cleaning your business. We know that safety and security are a must. To join the Jani-Serv cleaning team, all our workers must pass a tight background check and go through a series of tests and interviews to become an active member of our team.  This results in a well-trained team offering the same level of detail-oriented cleaning that makes your commercial, office, or industrial space sparkle.

Immediate Backup Assistance at Your Reach

Allow Jani-Serv to be your reliable cleaning solution. If a cleaning task is too big for you, we can manage to set up the cleaning crew you need right away. This advantage tends to be a challenge for an independent cleaner. As a result, your cleaning task might be delayed or can take longer than expected. Jani-Serv can also replace a sick or no-show team member in record time.

General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Ask yourself the following question, do you have or will you need to have workers’ compensation insurance? Jani-Serv, Inc is a licensed and insured company. The professional cleaning services of Jani-Serv is an insured option.  It means that we will provide a reliable and cost-effective solution you can trust. All it takes is for something to happen to cause stress. You can count on us to have a priceless worry-free experience.

Another consideration is if the worker or independent cleaner breaks or damages something in your business. Chances are the independent cleaner or his employer may not have enough or any insurance coverage to fix the damages.  Be aware that regular home insurance may not cover damage from a contractor or an employee.  Please take close consideration to this fact before hiring an independent cleaning service.

Customer Support and Cleaning Service Guarantee and Warrantied

You can reach Jani-Serv by email or by phone or through our website.  We will be glad to listen to your needs to address your custom-made cleaning service. Jani-Serv guaranteed cleaning service is more than willing to fix areas that we miss or are not at your complete satisfaction. Jani-Serv will address all your cleaning job needs. You just need to present us with your need as we have your cleaning solution. We cover all the factors that come with your service and with professionalism.

Final Thought

Cleaning is important and the company you choose will play a big role in a worry-free and effective experience. Avoid delays, frustrations, and stress by choosing Jani-Serv. Let us become your professional trusted janitorial services. Our service offers over 20 years of experience and pleased regular customers across the state of Utah.  They have benefited from our cost-effective cleaning plans. Contact us now and we will assist you with a free evaluation and a quote.

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