COVID Cleaning Services Utah

At Janiserv Inc, the wellbeing and security of our customers and our colleagues is our focus point. We have taken a proactive position considering the COVID-19 circumstance, investigating our profound cleaning conventions dependent on the proposal from specialists, for example, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and drawing in with Health and Safety experts locally to make new cycles for our activities group. 

Numerous fundamental organizations are inquiring as to whether we have built up an improved cleaning service for this particular period of chaos. We’re happy to announce that we have built up a significant level disinfection measure against the novel COVID, which goes past our standard extent of work and agreement. Our COVID Cleaning Services Utah area is ideal for medical care offices, just as non-medical care premises, for example, schools, workplaces, and eateries that may have endured an instance of COVID-19. This interesting cleaning strategy is likewise an ideal careful step to help stop the spread of the sickness. 

If you might want extra help outside the current help levels, for example, more incessant cleaning, touchpoint cleaning, and profound cleaning for high traffic territories, kindly contact us through our website or contact on the given numbers to book a service. 

Here are three levels of cleaning our cleaners have induced in the process of disinfection. 

Level One 

  • Cleaning and sterilizing all touch focus at a site including entryway handles, switches, taps, halls, and floors. 
  • Complete standard clean of premises 
  • No conclusion required and work is completed on time
  • All touchpoints splashed with sanitizer
  • Floors and delicate decorations vacuumed 

Level Two 

  • Cleaning and sterilizing all Level One regions and everything up to two (2) meters high including dividers, glass, and under furniture 
  • Incorporates entrance, lobby, gathering, office territories, meeting rooms, steps, and hallways 
  • Kitchen and break rooms are likewise secured 
  • Washroom zones is also included 
  • With additional safeguard taken if the territory is conceivably high-hazard or contaminated with virus and bacteria

Level Three 

  • Cleaning and purifying utilizing a significant level system that includes hazing with appropriate synthetics 
  • Warmth treatment with the temperature kept up as per site and room condition 
  • Vaporization or dry misting measure with rooms sealed shut 
  • Surface cleaning as per the rules 
  • Removing all mist and harmful gas from the room 
  • Equipment and staff disinfecting with necessary supplies

Janiserv Inc exceptional Disinfecting Cleaning Services Utah area includes fogging, which kills everything except for 0.0001% of microorganisms, growths, and infections. It’s the best method of disposing of probably the most harmful microorganisms.  To ensure that your property is safe from disease, we utilize effective synthetic substances that can kill a wide range of harmful bacteria and viruses. We are also available 24/7. If you want to book a service visit our website and ask about a free quote. The safety of your place is one phone call away. Make sure to book an advanced service for fine results.

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