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Auto Dealership Cleaning Salt Lake City

Jani-Serv, Inc. can help you give your vehicles an environment where they can really shine.

24/7 Dealership Cleaning

You have customers coming in and out of your facility all day long, and the small messes they make can quickly bring down the appearance of your dealership. Hiring a professional team is the fastest and most effective way to handle cleaning your place. We are the best auto dealer cleaning in Salt lake City area.

Auto Dealership Cleaning Taylorsville

Make a Good First Impression

Attract customers and make a fabulous first impression with an immaculate facility.

There is no better way to communicate your professionalism and quality product than by maintaining a flawlessly clean showroom and dealership.

Keeping everything sparkling clean throughout the day allows your employees to focus on selling, and your customers to focus on purchasing their dream vehicle.

Jani-Serv, Inc. offers flexible cleaning options, with cleaners who work during the night or day. From mopping floors to dusting lighting fixtures, we have your auto dealership cleaning needs covered.

Attract Potential Customers

Don’t let a dirty dealership cost you potential customers.

Jani-Serv, Inc. would love to give you a personalized auto dealership cleaning salt lake city quote. You may be surprised to discover how affordable it is to keep your dealership as shiny as the cars it sells.

We Understand your showroom is where your customers fall in love with the vehicles you sell. To help display your vehicles in the best possible light, our knowledgeable cleaning contractors will create a customized cleaning plan to ensure each area of your Utah area automotive dealership receives the specialized cleaning it needs to shine. Our professional cleaners will evaluate each area, allowing us to pay special attention to your showroom’s appearance. We’ll be sure to leave your windows streak-free, your fixtures gleaming, and your floors spotless.

We can come in to clean after hours so that every morning you get to come into a sparkling dealership. Contact us for a personalized quote!


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