24/7 Janitorial Services. UT: (801) 500-4747 | AZ: (480) 921-3566

24/7 Janitorial Services
UT: (801) 500-4747 | AZ: (480) 921-3566

Jani-Serv are expert cleaners in West Jordan

Jani-Serv, Inc…“Experts in West Jordan”

“They do an awesome job cleaning my machinery, definitely they are experts in the West Jordan area”. This is how our client, Carlos Paz, refers to Jani-Serv.

Jani-Serv strives to be an expert cleaner in the West Jordan area. We like to use reviews to help us better our work. Therefore, at Jani-Serv Inc, we pay close attention to our customer´s reviews. Reviews help us get an external evaluation on how well we are doing at our job. Our company serves and assists a constantly growing group of more than 3,500 satisfied customers. Jani-Serv is glad to serve and assist all types of businesses by offering janitorial solutions to the retail, corporate, and industrial sector. Size is not an issue. We are honored and pleased to help and aid everyone.

What makes up being labeled and be experts in the area?

In Jani-Serv we are experts in the area. This statement has a double meaning. First of all,  we are experts in the geographical area/location. Jani-Serv is a local janitorial service who knows the state´s cleaning needs. Secondly, we know how to professionally address your cleaning needs.  

Customer Satisfaction

Prospect and current customers are pleased to share their satisfaction with our company. Referrals are a pleasant and tangible way to know our cleaning jobs have been well done.

Maintaining  Customers´Trust

Jani-Serv´s main goal is to maintain our customer’s trust. Addressing a professionally trained cleaning team to each task is crucial. The team is able and knowledgeable on how to clean a spare or area, which products to use, and how to use each cleaning equipment.

Detail Oriented Service

What makes us experts is our detail-oriented approach. Jani-Serv considers your office work pace, schedules as well as the cleaning needs of the tasks. We use the appropriate product, the appropriate machine, the trained team, the adequate supervision and stick to the cleaning plan honoring its due date and budget.

Responsibly Addressing Each Cleaning Task

A preliminary inspection of each cleaning job makes us fully aware of what each job entails. Additionally, we take close considerations to each client’s needs and desires.  allows us to

Our Results

A sparkling clean space that not just build up our reputation but your business perception as well.

What happens if something goes wrong or when there is a disfavorable review?

As we mentioned before, we responsibly address good and especially bad situations. In case there are issues or impromptu situation in a job, our team has been trained to defined and address the need as well as know when to escalate it so that that is solved in the most effective and fastest way.

We guarantee the quality and satisfaction of each cleaning job. When a customer/client is unsatisfied, Jani-Serv will address the complaint or review and will reply by satisfying the need.

Jani-Serv has been serving the Salt Lake City Metro area and the state of Utah for over than 20 years. Try us! Consult with us! Allows us to become your worry-free cleaning solution with full satisfaction. Looking forward to working with you.

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