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4 reasons why you should clean your carpet

Carpet cleaning 

Carpets need to be cleaned regularly because they get dirty all year long. Depending on the season they can get dirt, sand, salt, and dander inside them.  This is why there are multiple reasons why your carpet should be cleaned regularly. Jani-Serv, Inc, wants to assist you by pointing out why it is important to have your carpets cleaned all year round. By maintaining your carpets your company will enjoy the following:

Addressing Air quality  and Other Health Considerations for Interior Spaces

Carpets trap pollutants and pollutants should be removed regularly as a way to improve a cleaner indoor space.  It will improve the quality of the air of your commercial space or office. Allergies are linked to pollution, bacteria, dust, and seasonal pollen. Cleaning the carpets diminishes the chances of allergy symptoms being triggered.

Regular Cleaning Will Extend the Life of Your Carpet

By considering a regular and periodic cleaning of your area rugs or wall-to-wall carpets, you are extending the life of your carpet. It will keep them looking nice and last longer. Therefore this will help speed up your cleaning routine because it will be someone else doing the cleaning. 

Speeds Up Your Cleaning Routine

Regular carpet cleaning will help them stay clean longer.  This will help you take care of stains, dark spots, and spills.  Proper carpet care will help remove dander, dirt, sand, salt and just help with the carpet being properly cared for.  

Giving the best impression

A clean environment has an effect on both employees, as daily inhabitants, and visitors. A pleasant environment is welcoming and it also affects our moods. Maintaining a cleaning environment were carpets are present, can enhance the office vibes. Employees will be less bothered by allergies and pollutions and their minds will be focused on their duties.  This will allow your team to improve their work efficiency.      

Maintaining/Keeping your Carpet Warranty  

Keeping your carpet in good conditions through a periodical professional cleaning is key to maintain/preserve your carpet warranty. Jani-Serv professional carpet cleaning provides the right products, cleaners, and equipment so that offers a worry-free care along with prevailing the proper care of the carpet warranty.    

How Can Jani-Jani-Serv Help?                                                                                               

Jani-Serv, has the expertise, trained team, and equipment to be let your carpet clean, upholstery, and rugs.  As professional cleaners, our cleaning company has the equipment and knows the methods to treat and clean stains, spots will be properly addressed preventing damage. We suggest our professional cleaning carpet every 12 months to reduce the risk of allergies and as a way to preserve a healthy atmosphere. This preserving step also extends the life of your carpets and therefore your investment.

Contact Jani-Serv, your Utah trusted professional cleaning service.  We will provide our professional services and outstanding results. We will be happy to assist you with a visit to come see your space or business and provide a free custom quote to meet your needs. 

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