24/7 Janitorial Services. UT: (801) 500-4747 | AZ: (480) 921-3566

24/7 Janitorial Services
UT: (801) 500-4747 | AZ: (480) 921-3566

Are your kids studying in a clean and healthy classroom?

Classroom cleaning

A classroom with germs and bacteria is a very dangerous place for kids.  Therefore, the classrooms become dirty and as a result germs and bacteria grow. As  a result, children make messes and spread germs. If  your school is in Salt Lake City and you are looking for a cleaning service, Jani-Serv is a great choice.  Most importantly, we are  professional, affordable, and a trustworthy cleaning service.  We custom design your cleaning needs and fulfill your expectations. Therefore, Jani-Serv is family owned and operated company.  We serve Salt Lake City and its Metro area.  Hard work and quality standards are a key component of our activities.

School Cleaning Services in SLC UT

At Jani-Serv Inc., the customers needs are fully addressed and we listen to their needs and wants. We bring our expert knowledge and attention to all our customers and their schools.  We even clean easy to miss areas like library tables, water fountains, and keyboards. Above all our main goal is to prevent the frustration of an unsatisfied customer.  For instance, we offer cleaning solutions that can address your daily, weekly, monthly, or a one-time emergency cleaning need.  We service any size building and are just a call away.

Our cleaning services for schools include but however are not limited to:

– Cleaning of general and circulation areas such as entrances, hallways , classrooms, playrooms, cafeterias, break room, offices, auditoriums,  and gyms.

– Chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning

– Cleaning of all floors

– Carpet cleaning and shampooing

– Window cleaning – interior and exterior

– Disinfection of restrooms

– Green cleaning according to LEED standards

– Recycling services

– Power washing

As a result, we take pride in the details and like to maintain the highest sanitation and cleaning standards as part of our service. We are aware that parents are extremely selective about where they will send their kids and are concerned about the cleanliness of the facilities. Some other things we dust are flat surfaces, high touch surfaces or other areas that collect dust.

Why choose Jani-Serv Cleaning Service in SLC UT?

Jani-Serv, Inc offers commercial cleaning services for schools and learning centers.  Jani-Serv strives to provide expertise, reliability, quality, and adaptability to our customers needs. It has been around for 20 years. We strive to give you 100% each service and leave your place looking wonderful. In conclusion, Jani-Serv should be your first choice for school cleanings and janitorial services.

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